Designated REALTOR® Applications

Designated REALTOR® Application
Use this application to become or change the Designated REALTOR® for your company.

Designated REALTOR® Application (MLS Only Residential)
Use this application to apply for MLS only. Applicants must be a member of another Association anywhere in the United States where licensed to engage in real estate. A broker may then open an "MLS only" office to participate in the MLS service without joining the Association either as  a Primary or Secondary member. A provisional broker can affiliate with a branch office that is a full member in this jurisdiction to become an MLS user only. (Each BIC must agree to this arrangement.)

Reinstatement Form
Use this application if you resigned from WRAR less than 12 months ago and wish to reinstate your membership.

Key Subscriber Only Application
Use this application if you are currently a member at another association, but wish to obtain a key from WRAR.

Secondary Designated REALTOR® Application
Use this application to apply for Secondary Designated REALTOR® membership with WRAR. You must be a REALTOR® member of another association.

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