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Printing Paid Invoices

START HERE IF NOT ALREADY ON MY MEMBERSHIP WEBPAGE: Go to and login using the blue MEMBER LOGIN button at the top right of the webpage. Use your NRDS# and the password. Once back on the homepage, you should see “Hi, [First Name Last Name]” which means you are logged in. Then…

  • Click on Pay My Dues in the grey bar at top left on website which will take you to the MY MEMBERSHIP webpage


  • Click on Pay My CFR Dues and Fees
  • Click on View Paid and Unpaid Invoices
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Account Activity Report
    • Remember that your pop-up block must be turned off for the next step to work.
    • To turn off your pop-up blocker, simply click on Tools in the menu bar of your Internet Explorer window.
    • It will drop down a list in which you will find Pop-Up Blocker, click on it.
    • Another set of options will appear to the side, click on Turn off Pop-Up Blocker
    • If it says Turn on Pop-Up Blocker, you don’t have to do anything, because it is already turned off.
  • There are a few different options on the Account Activity Report Page:
    • Report Format: Summary (Just a grand total of how much you spent during the designated dates.), Detailed (The invoice number and amount for every charge.), and Invoice Detailed (The invoice description and amount for every charge, as well as the invoice number).
    • Activity Dates: Remember that you have to type in the “/” by hand.
    • Billing Group Totals: No, or Yes.  This simply means that it will separate the Commercial from the Residential as well as from the Association charges.  The billing groups will all be on separate pages.

NOTE: The highlighted options are recommended for the most detailed report.

You are here: Home Dues and Fees Printing Paid Invoices