IDX and VOW Websites

Important Agreements and Forms

Fees are now billed annually on July 1st. When you aquire a new feed, your bill will be prorated and charged appropriately for the remainder of the year until the next billing cycle on July 1st. 

$250 One-Time Setup / $120 Annual Maintenance Fee / Consultant- Site
$300 One-Time Setup / $250 Annual Maintenance Fee / Consultant - Site
$250 One-Time Setup / $300 Annual Maintenance Fee / Consultant - Site
$250 One-Time Setup / $300 Annual Maintenance Fee / Consultant - Site 


RETS Feed Options

1.       IDX Feed:  IDX is the most commonly used feed for REALTORS® websites.  This feed gives the website designer raw data and pictures, allowing control, flexibility and tracking of MLS data to your clientele.  All data given in an IDX feed is public data only.  The private data that is in the MLS will never be accessible via IDX.  An IDX feed is for Advertising.

2.       VOW Feed:  VOW (Virtual Office Website) feeds are used for Business.  A VOW feed will have data that consists of what an agent will share with his/her clientele.  To learn more about VOW feeds, please click here (link to

3.       Firm Internal Use Feed:  FIU feeds are not for advertising, and cannot be used to display data on websites.  FIU feeds are used for Office use only.  This feed was commonly known as a Backoffice feed.

4.       AVM Feed:  AVM feeds are strictly for sites that attempt to automatically apply a value to listed properties.  Zillow is a common example.  AVM stands for “Automated Valuation Model”

Websites with any RETS feed should be made to comply with a set of display rules.  Click here for a checklist of rules. 
To acquire a feed, please use this contract.  Ensure all signatures are in place.  For the NCRMLS signature, please email this contract to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..