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How To Get Involved

Your Association prides itself on providing various ways in which its members can "Get Involved" and connected with each other. This is not only how we collectively accomplish growth and conduct the business of the Association, but it's also how we engage with consumers and give back to our local community. Below are all of the current committees and councils available for members to participate. Please review each group's vision and missions as well as the criteria for being involved. You may click on the headings (names) of each committee or council to view more details and contact the coordinating staff member. Thanks for Getting Involved!


Appraisal Courses

Upcoming Appraisal Courses

March 31, 2017  - Customary Reasonable Fees and Rules of the Road | Wilmington, NC | (Mel Black)
April 19, 2017Limiting Liability: Appraisal Case Law | Wilmington NC |  (Mel Black)
April 20, 2017Property Inspection Fundamentals: The Lost Art | Wilmington, NC | (Pat Kelly)


For more information and to sign-up, please contact Tameca.


Appraisal Division

This division meets on the third Wednesday at 11:30am of each quarter. Lunch is provided so registration is required!

Latest News!

  • BOAT SLIPS: Important Update! Our discussion on July 20th focused on an issue with boat slips that accompany real estate sales. Some are held by certificate and can be sold separately from the real estate.  Due diligence (owner interview, calling the HOA or other neighborhood sources and, importantly, reading the neighborhood covenants) will confirm.
    Including the slip when lender has no collateral right may lead to legal fall-out and appraiser inclusion in a lawsuit. 
    An important point is to not simply take the MLS or advertising description as an accurate legal description of ownership rights. We appraisers need to be on the same page and report the facts correctly….

Meeting Minutes


Purpose of the WRAR Appraisal Division

  • Promote ethical and professional real estate appraisal standards.
  • Provide a forum to express appraisers’ concerns to the boards of directors and for the boards to request information from the appraisers.
  • Offer appraisal education opportunities to appraisers, REALTORS®, the banking community, and the public.
  • Provide communication of real estate industry regulations.
  • Provide collaboration and social opportunities.
  • Promote to the public an understanding of the appraisal process and profession.

For more information and to sign-up, please contact Tameca.

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Cape Fear Independent Broker's Council (CFIB)

The Small Brokers Council is set up for offices with 1-9 people in them.

The purpose of this council is to assist the Association with servicing the needs of the small brokers.

For more information and to sign-up, please contact Lois Petelinkar.

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Community Affairs Committee

The Association is committed to defending property rights, homeowner interests, quality of life, and economic development. As the largest regional professional association in the Cape Fear area, the Association has a duty to engage on behalf of its 2,250 members, which includes over 1,500 small businesses and corporations. By showing that REALTORS® are invested in the community through acts of good will, and actively engaging in the community conversation, the Association is able to effectively impact the rules and decisions that directly impact the community.
For these reasons, the Association has a robust governmental and community affairs program, together referred to as public affairs. This is important because real estate is the most regulated industry in America, for instance, banking is regulated at the federal level only, whereas real estate is regulated at local, state and federal levels. Action in the community, whether through REALTOR® Action Day each April, or testifying at a town council meeting is intertwined as both actions impact lawmaker relationships and community branding. Recognizing the equally important roles that governmental affairs and community affairs play, the Association has doubled efforts in the past two years, and expects this trend to continue modeling the National Association of REALTORS®, that expends 65% of total resources to this same end.  
Community/Government (Public) Affairs is the new “core” value of the Association, with three primary goals:
1.    Maintaining the agent as the center of the real estate transaction;
2.    Representing the voice of real estate;
3.    Engaging in the community conversation for active representation.


For more information and to sign-up, please contact Adrienne Cox.

Find out when their next meeting is scheduled!

Duplin-Sampson Council

The Duplin-Sampson Council was created in 2015, when the former Duplin-Sampson Association of Realtors® merged with Cape Fear REALTORS®. The original organization was formed in 2002 by local real estate firms in the two-county region, which covers Sampson County (North Carolina's largest county) and Duplin County (North Carolina's 10th largest county).

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You are here: Home Overview