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The XpressKEY™ is Supra's easy to use electronic key that integrates seamlessly with the entire Supra iBox family of keyboxes. It features a high quality backlit touchscreen and an intuitive interface. Keyboxes open quickly using infrared communication and GPS coordinates assist with keybox assignment, end of showing notification, and locating a missing key.

Updates occur automatically over a cellular network and there is no need to be in cellular coverage when showing a listing. Real-time showing notices are sent after a keybox is opened. XpressKEY features a long-lasting, user-replaceable battery and charges using a standard universal micro-USB.


XpressKey Brochure

Change Keybox Settings

XpressKey Support Information




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eKEY Basic

Supra's eKEY™ Basic software turns your smartphone into a lockbox key and brings a set of useful tools to your business. With eKEY Basic you can:


Send and receive real-time information such as showing notifications using your smartphone's Internet connection

Manage lockboxes and track them by MLS ID, address, and keybox number

Customize iBox™ settings — change shackle codes and set specifc showing hours

Browse SupraWEB on your smartphone


Send showing feedback while still at the house with the potential buyer

eKEY Basic Brochure

Certified eKEY Devices


Install the eKEY Application

eKEY Basic Updating Key

eKEY Software
updates automatically

eKEY Basic Editing Keybox Settings

Easily change
lockbox settings

eKEY Basic Feedback

Send showing feedback
while at the listing

Screens vary depending on smartphone device.  





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eKEY Professional 

With Supra eKEY™ Professional software, you can sell real estate more efficiently. Use eKEY Pro to turn your smartphone into a lockbox key and add business capabilities that put a mobile office at your fingertips. eKEY Pro enables you to view and search detailed listing information stored on the smartphone, search and view a list of agents in your MLS, and create profiles for each of your clients. Integrated links to Google Maps™ mapping service show the listing on a map and provide turn by turn directions. Showing activity lets you know who is entering your properties and showing your listings.

eKEY Professional Brochure

Compatible eKEY Devices List

Install the eKEY Application

eKEY Pro Quick Search

View and search listings
right from your phone

eKEY Pro Roster List

Search and view
a list of agents
in your MLS

eKEY Pro Map View

See map of listing
and get turn by turn directions

Screens vary depending on smartphone device. Google Maps is a trademark of Google Inc.



You are here: Home Keys and KeyBoxes Key Options