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Six Steps to Reach Above and Beyond in 2019

Six Steps to Reach Above and Beyond in 2019

2019 President Sherri Pridgen has invited us to reach Above and Beyond in 2019. Publisher of Success Magazine and entrepreneur Darren Hardy knows the look of success. As a business leader in the success industry for two decades, Darren has had unique and unfettered access to the most successful people on the planet. He has interviewed most of them and condensed their proven productivity “secrets” into six key points:

  1.  Stop Doing What Fools Do
    The basic question is: what crappy stuff do you need to STOP doing? He suggests you spend 3 hours a day doing the one thing that will yield the best results for your success. And these important hours should be the first hours of the day.
  2. Master the Few
    We need to do fewer things. Be excellent in a few things and delegate all other tasks to others.
  3. Out Focus The Competition
    Control your attention, and you control life.

  5. Out Last The Competition Through Consistency
    The key to life is found in your daily routine. How to WIN is sustained, consistent effort.

  7. Out Measure The Competition
    Tracking, measuring and monitoring your goals will keep you on course.

  9. Out Fail The Competition
    * • Don’t’ fear rejection. Life will give you equal portions of success and failure so to achieve big success; you must fail big. Thomas Watson said: The Key to success is a massive failure.
    Darren Hardy is a champion of success, hope, and abundant opportunity. His interviews found these consistent themes which I think make a good recipe for success in 2019 and the ability to reach Above and Beyond.