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Flexmls System: New Security (SSL) Certificates

Wilmington, NC (April 25, 2016)

Coming 4/26/16: Flexmls System: New Security (SSL) Certificates

On April 26, the Flexmls system will begin using new security (SSL) certificates. This upgrade is necessary because all major browsers are already, or soon will be, restricting access to sites that don't use SHA-2 certificates. You can read more about this issue here and here.

How will this affect users?

Users who already have up-to-date browsers and computers (or phones, tablets, and other devices) should not even notice this change. However, users who are using older browsers that may not recognize the new SHA-2 certificates may have problems accessing the Flexmls system once this upgrade is in place.

How can users determine if their browsers and computers will work with SHA-2 certificates?

To help you and your members determine whether a particular browser or computer (or phone, tablet, or other device) will work with the new certificates, we've set up a test page. Click the following link to see if your current browser will work:


You can forward this test page to your members instructing them to click on the link from every computer (or other device) and browser they use to access the Flexmls system. Testing from each computer and browser they use to access the Flexmls system is important because different browsers on the same computer (or different computers running the same browser) are different and so they need to be tested independently.

If the test page says Fail, that means the browser or computer will need to be upgraded to a version that supports SHA-2. You can find compatibility charts at the following web sites:



Once the computer and browser have been updated to the most recent version, check the test page again and you should pass. If not, please contact the FlexMLS Support Team at 888-525-4747 to request further help.