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Congressional Delegation Breakfasts with NC Realtors

WASHINGTON, DC (May 11, 2015) – Association leaders met with Senator Richard Burr, Senator Tom Tillis, Congressman Walter Jones, and Congressman David Rouser today in meetings that began at the crack of dawn and lasted through a reception/mixer that ended at 6pm. “With briefing sheets in hand, we began the day in a joint session with our two US Senators,” said President Don Harris.

Gathering with Neal Johnson, Hank Adams, Patrice Willetts, Lynn Harris, Jerry Panz, Jo Anna Edwards, Shane Johnson and 75 NCAR members from across the state, Association leaders listened to the tandem senators provide an update on national issues that impact North Carolina. Senator Burr began by addressing manufacturing. “We can return the manufacturing jobs that have been lost in North Carolina, if . . . we get rid of the [existing investor] hurdles, thereby making us the most competitive place to manufacture in the world,” said Senator Burr. “It’s not a North Carolina problem, it’s a US problem. This will take a massive tax reform package, which I believe we have an opportunity to pass early next year to get this economy going again. So hang with us because it won’t be an easy six months.”

Next, Senator Tillis provided some insights relating to the economy and health care. “Anyone that would say that this economy is back on track, doesn’t understand economic 101,” said Senator Tillis. “When the increase in gross domestic products (GDP) is less than 1% and we need something like 3-4% annual growth to pay the debt, etc., the economy is not back on track. With Obamacare, the new rates will be released a month before the elections and will show between a 30-70% premium increase, and both co-pays and deductibles will be going up. That’s not an improving economy. ”

Association leaders encouraged the senators to act on HR 3700, the Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act, which passed unanimously in the House. This bill solves a number of concerns regarding FHA’s condo rules and has bipartisan support. Similarly, the senators were asked to act on HR 2901 which similarly passed unanimously in the House. HR 2901 is the Flood Insurance Market Parity and Modernization Act which addresses several vital flood insurance issues relating to NFIP.

At the conclusion of the early morning meeting, Association leaders joined counterparts from the Outer Banks Association, to visit with Congressman Walter Jones. In the afternoon, the group met with Congressman David Rouzer. Both representatives pledged to continue to assist the Association with efforts to fund beach re-nourishment. “It was a full day but we had some great face time with our national leaders,” said Harris. “And that’s the name of the game here in DC.”



Association Leads Training of Federal, State and Local Leaders on Beach Protection


CAROLINA BEACH, NC—“It’s going to take all of us working together to solve this problem,” said Senator Michael Lee as he welcomed leaders from the region at Beaches 101, a course provided by the Association to educate leaders on the science behind and reasons for beach re-nourishment. Dr. Nicole Elko provide the training to an audience that included Congressman David Rouzer, Representative Ted Davis, Jr., Representative Elect Holly Grange, New Hanover County Commissioner Woody White, and Kure Beach Mayor Emilie Swearingen. 

“This was a great course, and should be done throughout the state,” said North Topsail Manager Stuart Turille.


The program began with two hours of classroom instruction that included the following five subjects:


·        How Beach & Inlets Work: A basic primer on coastal processes

·        Erosion Management Spectrum: Options from retreat to armoring

·        Beach Re-Nourishment: Sediment, dredges & environmental considerations

·        Dunes, Retreat, Regulations, Sand Rights & Creative Funding Options

·        Funding Options for Beach Re-Nourishment


This was followed by a joint presentation on the Association’s efforts to build a statewide coalition for state dedicated re-nourishment funding by Willo Kelly, Outer Banks Association of Realtors Government Affairs Director and Shane Johnson, Association COO. The effort has been dubbed the Coalition for NC Beaches.


“We’ve secured dozens of signatures from area leaders,” said Willo Kelly, “And we’ve just begun!”


“This is the first time the entire local delegation has uniformly agreed on anything for a long time,” said Lee.


The Association is planning to work with NCAR and the NC Homeowners Alliance to continue building momentum for the effort.


Media coverage was substantial including:


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You are here: Home Featured News Congressional Delegation Breakfasts with NC Realtors