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Notice of Changes to MLS and WRAR Bylaws

WILMINGTON, N.C. (March 17, 2015) - The following MLS and WRAR Bylaws changes will be voted on by the membership at the DSAR Merger Meeting on April 15, at 4:00PM. Click Here for full meeting details and to register online.

MLS – Article 6.2: The Officers and Directors of the Service shall be as follows: a President (who is also the President-Elect of the Association), a President-Elect (who is also the Vice President of the Association), a Past President (who is also the President of the Association), and the two appointed Managers of the NC Regional MLS, LLC (nonvoting).  and 12 Directors (10 of which are identical to those of the Association plus the Association Past President and the President of the REALTORS® Commercial Alliance of the WRAR). The Chief Staff Executive shall serve as the Secretary (non-voting). (NOTE: this change shall become effective on January 1, 2016).

RATIONALE: With the implementation of the regional MLS, the duties of this board are reduced significantly as all day-to-day issues reside with the regional MLS.)

WRAR – Article VI, Section 4. Resignation Resignations of Members shall become effective when received in writing and approved by the Board of Directors, provided, however, that if any Member submitting the resignation is indebted to the Association for dues, fees, fines, or other assessments of the Association or any of its services, departments, divisions, or subsidiaries, the Board may condition the right of the resigning Member to reapply for membership upon payment in full of all such monies owed.

RATIONALE: With the revised quarterly meetings schedule of the WRAR Board of Directors, the terminations would not be timely and the reinstatement policy uncertain. Resignations will still be noticed to the Board and members.



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